Hello, and welcome! I’m a new millennial mom expecting our second any day, (at the time of writing I am eleven days overdue… ohhhh boy!) and as with many moms, motherhood has been quite an adventure — and a shock at times. But I love it, and I’m passionate about making it great while also remembering the person I used to be. Better yet: I’m taking the old and mixing in a little bit of new, because we all know motherhood changes you forever.

So here’s what you’ll find on this blog: plenty of my own personal journey, of course, but also things I’ve learned from other amazing mothers and inspiring people around me. Silly (and sometimes maddening) childhood stories, some French recipes and how-tos, tales of raising a bilingual family, organizational discoveries, and stories of saving (and let’s be honest…sometimes losing) your sanity. I strongly believe mothers need to be whole people, not just martyrs or saints, and that means different things for different people, but to me it is: keeping your skills and education sharp, developing your mind, taking some time for yourself and prioritizing your spouse, and continuing your professional development, so expect some of that too! (OK let’s be real though: early childhood and the newborn phase especially can really take you for a loop… so no pressure, but someday we’ll get back to our sharper senses!) As a former TV news anchor, I’m going to be creating some of all this content as videos and vlogs, because why not?!

You won’t see a picture-perfect portrait of blissful motherhood because that’s definitely not me, but I do try to stay positive and sane, and I’ll take you along on my journey in capturing the awesome parts of it while trying to shake the crazy! Join me!

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