Clubfoot Casting #3 — Cast Removal

Another successful visit, and we made it in and out in between snowstorms: talk about impeccable timing! I’m starting to notice a pattern: the night after casting is typically pretty rough sleep-wise (only sleeping 20-45 minutes at a time… yikes!), but I wonder if it’s also partially due to the disruption of all the travel, interrupted naps, etc. The day/morning after can be a little iffy too, so I just don’t plan to get much done. Otherwise he really doesn’t seem to be too upset about all this — it’s amazing how resilient babies are!

I took a little video this time around. Cast removal sounds scary — that’s a noisy saw! — but it’s really not a big deal. Jonas is super chill about it, probably because it’s great white noise.

How about that awesome spit-up nose bubble at the end?! Ha ha. Good thing it was bath time next!

His feet are coming along nicely. It’s a little sad to see the bruising and creasing, but most of it is just dried/dead skin, etc. so really nothing too scary.


The doctor thinks at this point he’ll likely have the standard six casts, so that means he’ll be done with casting (fingers crossed) by the end of January! And then we start over with a new experience: boots and bar (brace). It’ll be nice to be able to give him full baths at home though 🙂 And I’m pretty sure he loves the freedom… as soon as those casts were off he was just content as good be to kick and wiggle around — hence the blurry photo!


Three casts down, three more to go (hopefully)!

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