Snowmageddon 2017

I know, the term is overrated… but it’s been seriously crazy around here!


For a little perspective, this is before the four-day blizzard began.

That day was so cold that ice crystals were floating in the air, and glittering as the sunlight hit them. It was really quite beautiful, but it makes for some scary roads too…

Then it was whiteout conditions for the larger part of four days; you can’t even see the horizon!

Several feet of snow over the entire town, the city declaring no unnecessary travel… apparently it’s the storm of the century. And then we were left with this. Digging out the car today easily took me an hour. Hey, I got my cardio in at least!

It’s hard to see with the white on white on white, but the windrows left by the plows in the middle of the road are about 10 ft wide and 4 ft tall — taller in some spots. No way can you cross those!

The crews are still working around the clock to continue clearing roads. Luckily, we live on a school bus route, so Adelina got to witness the excitement!



Phew! It was definitely nice to leave the house today for a change! I am also extremely grateful we never lost power throughout it all. And I’m very grateful we ended up pushing through to make Jonas’ appointment in SLC last week, because it might have been iffy then, but there’s no way we could have gone this week. Glad it’s all over!

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