Cherish 365

One Month of Cherishing Moments

Well it’s been about a month of taking daily photos, and I’m really enjoying this project! It’s excellent photography practice and it’s also nice to capture moments that may fade in my memory someday.


It’s a little tricky to navigate the pull between wanting technical “perfection” in a photo and capturing a real moment. Children move a lot, light isn’t always ideal, and I’m not always quick enough to set things up right. But I’m learning.

A few things that help are leaving the camera out instead of packing it in the bag (although I make sure it’s relatively out of reach of little hands…) and just taking pictures any time I see something that might be picture-worthy. Some days have been relatively boring photos, others have yielded some shots I love. Another thing that I want to start doing is taking the camera with me when I leave the house. I rarely do that these days and always regret missing shots once I’m out. It’s a pain to leave the house with two kids, a diaper bag, AND a camera bag, so I need to figure out how to make it work, but I want to get shots outside as well.

Another challenge is getting myself in the photo. That means setting up a tripod and using a remote, and that’s quite the setup which tends to sort of ruin the candid aspect of the moment… but if I don’t do it, I’m pretty much never in photos, so I’m trying to make it happen every once in a while.


Outtake mid-setup…


Anyway, I’m glad to be doing this — it’s always nice to have an additional creative outlet, and I know someday I’ll look back on these and miss these tiny people! Here are a few favorites, and some bonus shots (because it’s so hard to pick only one favorite every day!)


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