Exploring Our Beautiful City: Bordeaux, France

I’m terrible. We had this amazing trip home to France TWO summers ago now and there were so many photos and memories to write about that I got overwhelmed and never wrote it all up. So… I’ll just do a photo dump here and move along. Thank goodness for Chatbooks at least! (I’m just going to go ahead and backdate this post…)

Le miroir d’eau is a really cool public space on the edge of the Garonne river, which cuts through town. Adelina adored it, obviously! It’s the perfect way to cool down in those hot summer days!




And yes, there were definitely some naked kids running around too, ha! Gotta love that laid-back European life!

Of course another way to cool down is gelato… (it’s not just in Italy!) and this was just heaven… Adelina thought so too 😉


It was so good just revisiting these places I spent so much time growing up, people watching, enjoying the sights and sounds…


We couldn’t pass up on an opportunity to eat at l’Entrecôte, my aunts’ (and probably my) favorite restaurant. They only do one main dish, thinly-sliced rib steak in the most heavenly butter sauce with skinny fries crisped to perfection — served with a walnut & lardons green salad. SO GOOD. And then you can choose from a fabulous menu of desserts. The line is always crazy long though, they don’t take reservations so you just need to be prepared to wait, but I promise it’s worth it!


(This carrier was just the best on this trip! And look how little Jonas was?!?! Be still my heart!)


The kids liked the bread, he he…


Of course there was dancing in the streets… because this city is magical!


On one night later during our stay Andrew and I got to have a date night while my aunts watched the kids, we ate at a delicious place in this tiny street (and now I’m forgetting what everything was called) and had to wait a ridiculous amount of time to be seated or served, but that’s French service for you ha. Still, it was lovely to be just the two of us for an evening, and it was a perfect evening ❤


Bordeaux is amazing. That’s all 🙂


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