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Christmas Is Coming

Hello friends! I couldn’t resist getting some cute pictures of our kids in their Christmas jammies, just because, and I love how they turned out!


I just strung up some lights in Adelina’s room and danced around like a monkey to get a few decent shots… ha. Photographing kids can be so tricky! But I just love these sweet Christmas portraits I got out of it ❤

In fact I ended up printing them out and putting them above our mantel for the season.

We started December out with lots of cheer and fun, and then the last week has been… not as thrilling. Poor Jonas has been dragging a cold for weeks, and it got to a point where he was coughing so much at night we took him to the doctor and he finally got some antibiotics. So he started improving immediately, and I was so glad to give him some relief finally! Then a few days later… he woke up caked in vomit. I prayed it was just food poisoning — he was fine throughout the rest of the day (other than being really tired), and I had been feeling queasy myself and we had both had the same lunch. But then, two days later, his sister woke up vomiting (“is yucky mama!”) and spent the rest of the night throwing up the entire contents of her poor tummy. Luckily it was a quick 24-hour bug, but it explains why she had been complaining of not feeling well for several days… (“je me sens pas bien…” — I thought she was just trying to get hot chocolates and special treatment, poor girl!) So anyway, I’m praying we’re out of the woods now, especially because her Christmas dance concert is this weekend and she’s been so excited about it for months!

Seriously though… winter is rough with little people. I swear I’m never taking them out in public again, ugh! I try so hard to give them vitamins, get them good sleep, wash hands, etc (although clearly I’m going to need to start carrying around hand sanitizer…) and we got to church or the library and all my efforts are destroyed. Blah!

That being said, in the meantime, I’ve had so many extra opportunities to snuggle these sweet kiddos and baby them a little extra, and I’m not complaining about that! The loads and loads of extra laundry though… Pass!


We sure love these two ❤


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