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Our Son’s First Steps

Jonas took his first real steps this week! He is 14 months old and ready to move!

I worried so much his legs and ankles were too weak still — his turnout is pretty crazy. Adelina was walking by her first birthday, and as much as you know to be patient and that every child is different, and the doctor told us clubfoot treatment doesn’t delay development, you can’t help but wonder if the casting and bracing have made things a little tougher on him. Guess I was wrong, because he’s got this — clubfoot or not ❤


And we’re in trouble now, because he’s definitely a climber too!

2 thoughts on “Our Son’s First Steps

  1. Hi. At my 20week ultra I was told my baby boy has clubfoot. It’s been the hardest news to hear. I stumbled on your video on youtube and you have given me hope. Question how is your baby boy doing? Is his balance ok? He runs, climb does all usual kid stuff. Am just looking for answers. His video of him walking had me crying my eyes out. I want to reach out to know to connect and find out what am I to expect and that it get better and our babies will be just fine and normal.


    1. Hi! I can imagine what you’ve been going through — we found at the 20 week ultrasound too! You’ll get through this! ♥️ He is doing great, I need to write an update soon — running, walking, climbing, get into great deals of trouble just like any nearly-two-year-old! His calves might look sliiiiightly skinny but it’s not really noticeable to the average observer. He still handles the BNB really well at nights. Courage!


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