Snow Day

We got a really good snow this weekend, and we actually loved it this time! It’s been a super dry winter, which I haven’t complained about too much considering how bad last winter was… but by February my goodness it’s crazy how dry it’s been around here! For some perspective, this was last week:


And here is what we woke up to this morning!


It was much-needed. And Andrew was off since it’s Presidents’ Day, so we took full advantage of all that fresh powder!

Don’t be fooled by this face, Adelina loved it — until she was frozen and wet and ready to get back inside, ha!


Andrew built a little luge run, and a fort for Adelina, and they had a blast.


Adelina couldn’t get very far on the slide, but Jonas… he was in an awesome puffy snowsuit that was perfectly aerodynamic, and he loved it!

He can’t really walk or do much of anything in this suit anyway, so this was probably quite thrilling! (And I kind of want a snowsuit of my own, it sure is toasty and snow proof!)

Oh and we spent plenty of time indoors relaxing too — reading a good book on a snow day is the best!


So glad to have a good, fun family snow day out of this season ❤


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