Blast From the Past: Some Ballroom Clips!

I found some clips of our past ballroom performances!

So I was trying to entertain my kids as I tried to print a double-sided document with lots of pages from home (no professional printing available in town… wish me luck!) and I thought “Hey, I’ll play them some videos of ballroom dance!” and then I googled the dates I was on team at BYU, and… found a few performances some random person had filmed short clips of! OK the quality isn’t amazing, I’m warning you, the person was off to the side in the audience, but still kinda cool because I had a massive hard drive failure a few years ago that wiped out all my videos from that time (it still breaks my heart just thinking about it… I can’t even. Ugh.)

Anyway. Here you go, for your viewing pleasure! Good luck finding me, I’m one of the blondes, ha! With hair and makeup and the same costumes, even I struggle picking myself out sometimes! (Which is kind of the point in a formation team — we’re supposed to blend together, not stand out.) Andrew is in both of these clips too, see if you can find him! (And I’m not dancing with him either — he’s quite a bit taller than me so we were rarely if ever paired together in the formation pieces)

Well that was fun! And now I’m going to go cry about lost videos all over again… sigh.

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