April Moments

I realized early in April that it’s officially been FOUR years since I’ve been writing daily in my line-a-day journal. That is so awesome! I’ve always been a start-and-stop kind of person — more stop than start, ha — so this is big for me. I still have a separate scripture/study/pondering journal for special things I need more than two lines for, but in general I love having this and the consistency of it. I love that I can look back at milestones, little things, and see what was happening three years ago.

I started counting calories/macros and trying to eat better in April — I’ve been eating horribly for a long time so I wanted to jump start things and lose a few pounds, then try and find a good routine for the long run. So far, so good, and it’s been fun to finally get motivated to be creative and try new foods! I discovered chia pudding which is THE BEST and that makes me really happy.

Also I learned to poach an egg!

Leap is Adelina’s favorite current movie… can you tell?


Jonas is such a cutie. It’s been fun practicing photography on these two — if it involves jumping on the bed they’re usually pretty willing 🙂


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