Hi, I’m Back

Friends, it’s been a while. I have plenty to share, and I’ll get there. The short story is I hit my limit on free storage space here back in the spring — again — so things kind of came to a screeching halt. I finally took the plunge to upgrade a little, and I’m excited for what I have planned! (For starters, figuring out a better name — I write about a lot more than motherhood and I feel like it’s just not representative. Any hints welcome because I’m struggling! And any domains I want are taken of course…)

A few things that have kept me really busy lately: preparing for SALT (It was amazing! I’ll have more to share on that soon!), church calling, teaching a preschool ballet class, and hustling hard to build up my photography business. Oh and, you know, being the mom. Jonas is entering a fun new phase called the terrible twos… poor kid, life is hard! But they’re still wonderful a lot of the time, and I’m learning patience ❤

Back to photography though: my website is finally live!!! Business is finally picking up and I’m thrilled to be doing this thing I’ve wanted to do for years. It is HARD to put yourself out there — so many insecurities, so much hard work, failures and eventually successes after a long waiting period… earning your first paycheck is such an exciting feeling! I’m grateful for the friends who gave me a chance and helped build my portfolio. You are all amazing! So, go check out my website (it’s easy on the eyes too, that doesn’t hurt) and share with a friend!

website is live!

I’m also working on the videography end although I need to upgrade my camera to really move forward, but check out this sweet project I did a little while back, I love baby videos (and this sweet family)!

Anyway. I’m back now. I need to do a clubfoot update, Jonas is doing awesome and I’ve met some lovely people thanks to what I’ve written and filmed about our story so it tells me it’s something the world needs more of — I’m grateful for this small but wonderful, supportive community. I’m excited for a fresh start and if you’ve been around awhile, thank you for sticking with me. Here we go!

Oh, and here are some test shots with Adelina while we went location scouting this evening. She had a blast being my model traipsing around the edge of town!


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