We Moved

Hi guys.

Months have gone by between posts lately and part of it is that… we moved! It was in the works for what feels like ages, but of course you can’t discuss these things publicly until they’re good and done, and then it was a whirlwind of listing our home, finding a new home, moving, and so much in between. This feels like it’s been our hardest move yet, honestly, but I’m so glad it is over!

And it’s a big one: we now live in Las Vegas! Yes, a pretty big difference from small-town Wyoming! Kind of crazy.


We’re excited for the opportunity, and adjusting to the harder things of city life. I had forgotten about the DMV… oh man. Or it taking more than five minutes to drive anywhere, ha! Jonas is way more in danger of falling asleep in the car these days if it’s anywhere near nap time, so I have to be more careful. And it’s so hard to lose your entire support system, all your friends, your community… but we’ll get there.

We’re finally starting to feel somewhat settled in our new home, which is nice. We live ten minutes from IKEA which is amazing! And we live in a city where friends from across the world have a pretty good chance of visiting — just this month we’ve already seen my uncle from Paris and a friend from Geneva! It’s amazing.

Andrew took a job as an executive recruiter for the public sector (basically he helps other cities, counties, etc fill city administrator and other executive positions), he’s working for a private/public company based in California and works FROM HOME — and then travels quite a bit as well. It has been incredible for our family life.

Anyway, there’s the update. We found a great rental home in a part of town that we really like, and we’re so ready to make friends and really settle in now. Here’s to new adventures! And come visit us next time you’re in Las Vegas!


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