Happy New Year 2019

I have so much more to recap this last year and I’m woefully behind here, but I just wanted to share my favorite view of the year ♥️

(I made this using the 1secondeveryday app, it’s the coolest!)

Happy New Year!!! We are slowly but surely organizing and arranging and (hopefully soon) decorating our new home and we couldn’t be happier to finally be HOME. ⁣

As you can see, Jonas was utterly delighted by the whole process of taking this picture!

We’ve done this several years in a row now and it’s become a fun little tradition 🙂

Andrew and I watched the fireworks from our window (we have a really good view of the strip, incredibly!) at midnight after putting the kids to bed at their normal hour and enjoying molten lava cake just for us 🥂 because #parentlife is super glamorous 😉 ⁣

I’m very excited for all the good things 2019 is already bringing, 2018 was good but also really hard and challenging. So here we go! ⁣

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