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We’re Having Another Baby!


We are thrilled, and so is Adelina (Jonas doesn’t quite understand that his sovereignty as reigning little person is about to be challenged, ha!). She is the sweetest, she loves to come up and pat or rub my growing belly and talk about the baby. Of course she’s very much hoping for a girl, I pray she’s not too disappointed if it isn’t!

baby announcement.png

Also we had fun making this little stop motion video, the kids loved participating 🙂

It’s incredible to see this tiny person bouncing around in there so early on already — that’s what really made it all feel real quite suddenly ♥️

We’re kind of thinking we might keep the sex a secret this time around… we already have everything we could need, I’ve heard it can be pretty special to have that surprise saved for the delivery — something extra to look forward and motivate you through labor, ha!

Speaking of labor, I came across this hilarious and oh-so-true quote the other day: “Arguably there is no better metaphor for a woman’s last grasp at self-perception before an infant than the hospital bag. Misguided, optimistic, generous, cautious — it all gets packed.” (via)

SO TRUE. With Adelina, I spent hours pouring over Pinterest lists titled something like “50 ESSENTIAL items you NEED to have in your hospital bag” which included everything from essential oil diffusers to personalized monogrammed robes. Ha.

Anyway. Bring on the baby! We are mostly praying for healthy, happy feet, other than that, pray for me and this pregnancy throughout the Las Vegas summer… oh boy!

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