General Conference Prep + Reading Challenge Printable

Hey friends! General Conference is coming up fast — April 6th & 7th! I just wanted to share this reading challenge list real quick, since I couldn’t find a fun list on Pinterest I just made my own!

The last few general conferences I’ve made a bigger effort to really study and prepare and it’s made a big difference in my experience and receptivity to the messages. Part of that is making sure I’ve re-read and studied all the messages from the previous conference before the next one came around, and having a little printout to check off as I go along makes it easier! If you’re just starting this is still completely doable, I read them one a day last time around in a few weeks and it was really special.


Here’s what I wrote after completing this challenge last time around:

I just finished reading the last talk from the April 2018 General Conference. I had set myself a goal of re-reading them all before conference and I had a few hiccups along the way, but over the last two months I have listened to or read each one, and I’m so grateful for this experience. I was reminded of impressions received six months ago, and taught again some concepts I so easily forget! 

The Church is Christ’s people, not buildings or programs; teaching my children is a delight (I need to be reminded of that one often 😜) and a sacred responsibility; I must take time to unplug and hear the voice of He who said “be still, and know that I am God”; I need to deepen my ability to receive personal revelation; the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to true, lasting happiness and eternal life, and it’s also the only thing that can truly fix our broken society — the real way to equality before God; researching my family history and going to the temple often are my responsibility now, not just when I’m old and gray; we must behold the Man, our Savior, when the going gets tough and even when it’s easy. Immersing myself in these words, alongside the Book of Mormon and Bible, has brought a special spirit into my life and our home. 

Finishing with those last words by the prophet, President Nelson, just now, gave me shivers all over again as I remembered the overwhelming joy and excitement about a temple in Russia (😱😱😱)! As Pres. Nelson reminded us, we ARE “engaged in the work of Almighty God!” And he will speak to us again this coming weekend during #generalconference along with apostles of the Lord and other leaders, as well as our amazing #ldsleadingladies. It’s going to be amazing, and I feel more prepared than I’ve ever been to dig deep and listen up. 
General conference is broadcast online as well (we watch it streaming on YouTube) so it’s SO easy to watch. Message me for a link to tune in and hear what God has to say to us right here and now, for our time ♥️ 

Another thing that’s made a big difference and has made it extra special is the Work + Wonder General Conference workbooks! I LOVE these and already have mine for the April conference, I can’t wait! The artwork is beautiful and it’s so nice to have something tangible and special to help you prepare and hold your notes and thoughts and inspirations. (I also love that they now have a subscription option — just have it shipped to you every six months in time for conference!) There’s a worksheet for “conference prep week” in there with ideas like praying and writing down questions/areas where you’re looking for guidance, specific scriptures to study, etc.

Finally, I’d suggest a social media fast leading up to conference. It’s good to clear your head and get your brain used to slowing down a bit and processing information on its own again. A week-long fast is a good place to start.

Ok, here’s that reading list I promised!

reading challenge pic.png


It’s the size of a full sheet of paper, last time around I made a bookmark and now I’m doubting myself so… here’s a bookmark format too! Print out a whole sheet onto card stock and share the extras with the sisters you minister to 😉

reading challenge pic2.png


(I am obviously not a graphic designer… so just take it for what it is, ha!)

If you’re looking for other General Conference ideas I’ve been meaning to share some thoughts on how we make it work for kids, and I just realized there’s still a draft from last October sitting there so… I need to get on that ASAP! Also here’s my favorite orange rolls recipe because it’s not a proper General Conference with extra carbs 😀

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