March So Far

Hey friends!

I decided to do a social media fast again for Lent and it really was exactly what I needed. For one, my body image shot up drastically overnight. (That’s a little scary — but especially with this third pregnancy it’s been hard watching my body get big again after so much hard work to get in shape.)

Today was the first day (it’s been two weeks) that I really missed Instagram — I was grumpy and tired after a long week and the kids were very needy and I was on my own and I just wanted to withdraw into the world of pretty squares, ha! Which tells you a lot about how you use social media.. yikes.

In the meantime… here’s what we’ve been up to!

We started off March with my sister Amelia’s wedding. Which meant my dad came to stay with us for a week first! The kids were thrilled, he brought the toys and fun and they took full advantage of it. We showed him around town a little bit and Jonas loooooved having some Gelato at the Bellagio! He’s such a happy camper on trips, he was thrilled to just hang out in his stroller and take it all in ❤

Then it was off to Utah for party time! Weddings are always a little crazy but it was lovely spending all that time with family and being around all the excitement. We even got Amelia to the temple on time, so I’m pretty proud of our work ha!

I did her hair and makeup, and took some photos of the reception (their photographer at the temple did such a beautiful job too!) so it was a busy day!


(More photos from the reception on my website here!)

Oh, and we did a musical number with my other sister and our husbands, it turned out really neat (the same song this slideshow is set to — it was supposed to play while we sang but there were technical issues so we couldn’t play the video 😢)

Adelina was enchanted with the marriage proceedings and made us reproduce the whole thing that evening ha ha — it was so cute!



Back home we took my dad back to the airport — the kids were so sad to see him go — and life got a little more back to normal.

I mastered the most perfect slime — AND it was glow in the dark. The kids seriously spent two hours playing with it that afternoon! (recipe here)


It’s good stuff.


We threw a little St Patrick’s Day party, it was a ton of fun to plan and prep with Adelina! I was super busy entertaining little people so the only shots I got were of the food ahead of time! We read a Leprechaun story, watched a quick Riverdance video (sorry, Irish people who are turning over in their grave!) and danced a little bit, then made green “shamrock slime” complete with gold glitter and ended with some fun rainbow treats!

(Side note: who knew it was so easy and yummy to make your own ranch dip: I just mixed Greek yogurt with a bunch of herbs – mainly parsley and dill — and it was delicious! No need for mix packets, plus healthier! And the cupcakes were this carrot cake recipe, super yummy.)

The coins are chocolate and those disappeared very fast ha ha, although the kids did eat a surprisingly good amount of veggies so I’d call it a win! I know, I’m a little extra. But I genuinely enjoy doing this sort of thing, hosting is fun and any occasion to celebrate is good enough for me! I have zero Irish blood — Andrew has some though I believe. We should look into that. But who can resist a lively jig when that music comes on?! Oh and luckily a friend did grab a few shots that I stole! Thanks Rachel!

It is SPRING in the desert — yes, it’s crazy because this time last year we were definitely still making good use of our snow gear. But we are loving all the sunshine and outdoor time, and I’m soaking it in because I’m terrified of the summer to come!

I’m loving these sunny afternoons though. And so happy I’ll finally have a tan again after six years of sad, white skin in Wyoming! Ha — we went to the pool every once in a while but summer lasted approximately a month up there so I never really got much sun. (Speaking of which, I’m going to need to get serious about sunscreen with the kids when we spend any outdoors time, it’s something I had forgotten about for all these years…)

We even started growing a little garden in planters out back, although our first strawberry was tragically half-eaten by a bird! Stinker!

Adelina drew the cutest lion (completely unprompted!) in church the other day and I just had to document it. Isn’t it the best?!

She’s going to an in-home preschool at a friend’s house on M-W mornings and a French class for bilingual kids for an hour on Friday evenings, I love going there because it’s such a sweet little Montessori school and Jonas and I hang out in the playground (meaning the sandbox, in his case — he’s obsessed) while I read a book in the afternoon sunshine. It’s delightful.

Jonas’ current obsession is this book (a biography of BYU QB Ty Detmer) and it’s adorable. He keeps pulling it off the shelf and telling me “rah rah rah go cougars!”

Found this cute selfie of Adelina on my phone the other day 🙂 Jonas takes plenty of these too ha!

We announced the arrival of Baby #3 this month, and that’s always fun! The kids loved helping make the video (here) and this was my super fancy rig for making it… ha ha!

We celebrated Mardi Gras with some fun masks (I showed the kids videos of my class Carnaval parade when I was ten, they love watching old family videos and recognizing my parents as younger versions of themselves 😉

Jonas kept going around and growling at us, it was especially hilarious because he couldn’t do it without crouching and half falling over every. time. HA!

And with Mardi Gras comes… Lent. I’m glad I decided to do another social media fast, it was much-needed. And it gives me more time and energy to prepare for General Conference and of course… Easter! I’ve been collecting little things here and there throughout the year and I’m excited to do it all over again, plus host a lovely table for our Easter meal 🙂

Oh and this baby is definitely starting to make itself known — no more hiding it ha! We can’t wait to meet this baby!


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