Easter is Coming

It’s almost Palm Sunday, and that means the start of Holy Week and Easter prep!

I pulled out the pictures and daily note cards and plastered them all over our kitchen today, and that plus some simple Easter decor is making it feel just right.

I’ve shared quite a bit about Easter preparations in the past, here’s how we’ve been using Holy Week to prepare in the time leading up to Easter, and you’ll find a free download to make your own daily cards with ideas and scripture study suggestions.

Some cheery flowers are also brightening up the kitchen ledge, although these mini daffodils bloomed a lot faster than I expected, at least there are new ones popping up daily! I wish I could plant them outside in the fall but… they’ll die among the rocks. So we’ll enjoy them while they last.

This poor Easter bunny has chipped ears and a dented basket because, well, you can imagine the temptation for little people to reach for the candy basket… and that’s also why he’s not holding any more candy, ha!

I’m on the ball with Easter baskets this year, because our ward (congregation) needed Easter basket donations really early so the kids’ are already all packed up and hidden in a closet way up high. Self-high-five! HA. (I’m not usually this on top of it, I promise. Also, they didn’t want chocolate because it gets hot and melts but EXCUSE ME, EASTER WITHOUT CHOCOLATE?! C’est une travestie! In France, Easter IS chocolate — if only because nobody is actually religious so it’s just an excuse to pig out, ha! I’ll stock up on chocolate soon…)

Anyway. I’ve talked about why I do a Lenten fast from social media, and this time around feels like it has flown by! In full disclosure, I have popped onto Facebook on my computer to creep and update my business page when needed (and I ended up seeing a few useful/valuable things there so I’m not going to beat myself up about it!), but not having social media on my phone was huge. I do miss Instagram a bit, but I think I’ll limit myself to once a day or something after jumping back in. It’s also been a very productive and reading-intensive spring, not by accident ha! (So many good books recently — A Place for Us was spectacular, Educated was fantastic, a few nonfiction titles, Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand was delightful…)

If you’re thinking a social media fast sounds nice, it’s not too late! Do it in the week leading up to Easter! Even a little unplugging goes a long way.

Also I’m taking the plunge this year: I’m sewing Adelina an Easter dress! I used to dream of sewing my little girl outfits and I have sewn her exactly ZERO in the four and a half years she’s been on this earth! Nuts, right? I used to do a lot of sewing when I was a teenager (I was kind of known for… eccentric get-ups, ha) but I think once she arrived with a bang I realized I’d have to adjust some expectations, ha! Anyway this year is the year, I have the pattern copied and cut out and we’re going dress-fabric shopping this weekend, so I’m excited.

This year’s outfits were probably some of my favorite ❤ although this adorable vintage French blue one was stinking adorable!

Oh that was such a fun year… when she was able to go hunt for eggs all by herself for the first time! And we gave her her first baby doll along with a little stroller and she walked that baby around the house for hours and it melted my heart… (also it was really cold and windy)

Argh too cute!

And finally, here’s this video to set the right tone for the upcoming week and remind us of where our focus should really lie ❤

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