Spring in the Desert

So we recently moved to Las Vegas from small-town Kemmerer, Wyoming, and that has been a pretty big adjustment, as you can imagine! We love the convenience of having everything we could possibly want or need nearby (In-N-Out! IKEA just down the road! Costco! TWO Walmarts within ten minutes!) but it’s been hard becoming another anonymous face in a giant, busy city (full of lots of aggressive drivers and very un-walkable streets). I’ve certainly had some tough moments missing friends or even just that we can go to the local Ace Hardware and have great help and friendly faces. But we’ve slowly been building our own community (having instant church friends certainly helps!) and it’s starting to feel like home.

I know summer will be brutal, but so far the weather has been such a lovely, welcome change to those loooong Wyoming winters! We needed coats for a little bit there in the mid-winter, especially on windy days, but basically since February we’ve been going without and enjoying the sunshine. The kids play outside every day and there are flowers blooming on the trees of landscaped neighborhoods. I was so glad for daylight saving time so we can now enjoy sunny, warm evenings and pre-bedtime walks. And, we’re planting a little bit of a garden out back which has been so lovely!

We bought a lemon tree and our first bud bloomed, it smells absolutely heavenly! I’m hoping it stays healthy and we can have delightful lemon bars and homemade lemonade in a few months…


And we have a small strawberry plant too! Not a big producer so far but we’ve had a handful of very yummy strawberries (some harvested a little early by Jonas… ha!)

Anyway, that’s about it. I love that our kids can play in the kiddie pool in April!

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