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Baby #3 Is A… (Gender Reveal)

Wait for it…

OK did you watch the video? It’s a…


We had planned to wait to find out until delivery and then… I got impatient 😂 Waiting is for the birds! ⁣

I was also a little nervous about springing the news on Adelina last minute — she’s been hoping for a girl — and I’m glad she has time to adjust, although as you saw in the video, she actually took the news really well! (I thought for sure there would be tears, and probably a viral video ha ha) And I am excited for Jonas to have a little playmate 💙⁣

The other excellent news is that baby’s feet looked fantastic in the anatomy scan, so while it’s impossible to diagnose in utero, it is looking like we won’t be dealing with clubfoot this time around! (clubfoot is in part hereditary, there’s a slightly higher likelihood of a sibling also having it) ⁣

In the meantime this pregnancy is going really well, I feel infinitely better than the last two times around (especially with Jonas’ pregnancy, I was in terrible shape before even getting pregnant and gained so much weight and was just miserable!). The nausea is gone now that I’m well into the second trimester, and I’m definitely tired and more easily winded but I have significantly fewer aches and pains so far. I’ve managed to stay active and work out three times a week, and because we’re still sticking to a good macro diet, my body is getting what it needs. That’s not to say I haven’t loosened up on sweets lately… and lots of them 😬 But at least I’m eating better overall and making better choices about 75% of the time, ha! I’m really hopeful that recovery will go better this time, although my poor belly button will probably never be the same again now…. sigh.

We can’t wait to meet you in late August, baby boy!

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