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Father’s Day 2019

Sometimes I’m the annoying photographer, but I’m always so grateful to have these photos after and as the kids grow up I know they will be too ❤


I did a little questionnaire with our kids for Father’s Day this year, it was fun! I didn’t feel like translating or captioning the whole thing ha so if you’re a French speaker you’re in luck but otherwise… sorry!

Some of my favorites: “- how old is dad? – 8… 9?” “If Dad had all the time in the world he would play games with me, like the marbles game. But he’s too busy because he has to work.” (Ha — the funny thing is he works from home and he frequently does take a little break to play a game or read a book! Ungrateful child!) “- Dad is super strong, what do you think he could lift? – um… a rock.”

We subscribe to Colorly Love, a coloring page/activities service that’s designed to supplement the Come Follow Me curriculum, and I love that she often includes beautiful prints and special holiday decorations like this one:


Absolutely worth $5 a month, my kids really connect with the little activities we do, and it makes my job easier when trying to teach things to little people who need more visuals! I have coloring pages ready for sacrament meeting, family home evening lessons and games on the fly. It’s perfect.

We also made my husband this candy poster — they’re nothing fancy but a few years ago I remember Andrew saying he actually really liked these so it was fun for the kids to pick out candy and help glue it. Also very difficult for them to be buying and manipulating candy without eating some, ha!

Funny story: we ended up having to “borrow” some of this candy for a cousin’s Father’s Day surprise because of a snafu in packing on their way here (we have them with us for the week, everybody’s thrilled to get to play with cousins and have family around!) — if that’s not the most typical parenthood moment ever, I don’t know what is ha ha!

And we had to update his desk photos with a little photo shoot, of course 😉



Here’s to a wonderful dad, and an amazing co-parent!


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