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A Baby Shower With My Sisters

Since my sisters were going to be in town this past weekend to watch the kids while we went on our ten-year anniversary getaway, we had the idea of throwing a baby shower while they were here, so that’s what we did! Originally one of my sisters was going to come down with her husband to stay with the kids but then he wasn’t feeling very well the day before and she asked my other sister to accompany her, luckily she has just ended her current job and was able to come! It worked out beautifully, and it ended up being really fun.

My sisters worked hard baking the night before (while we all watched the Bachelorette ha, that was fun) and Sylvia’s cake turned out soooo yummy! It’s carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream and caramelized pecans on top… so good.

She was a pastry apprentice back in France for a time so you always know it’s going to be awesome. She also put together these little chocolate ganache tarts, and Amelia made the lemon bars which were so good too, and helped with all the other food prep.

Everything came together beautifully and tasted good too! We used this gorgeous baby shower as inspiration for decor 🙂

I love a good party, it’s just fun hosting and putting things together nicely, we really didn’t need too much for this baby since we’ve already had two and kept all the gear, but I’m a big believer in celebrating life moments and each baby — just because it isn’t your first child doesn’t mean they aren’t their own special person! And you’ve got to have something to look forward to when you’re eight months pregnant, ha!

We had planned a few games but the first one took a little longer than I had anticipated so we just did the one, but it was hilarious: this blogger came up with a spinoff of Cards Against Humanity called “Babies Against Parenthood” and we were all laughing so hard! I highly recommend it, it’s so much more fun than the stuffy old “guess how big her belly is” games! Of course you may not want to go there if grandma is in attendance, ha ha! (Here is the free printable to make your own set — I’m definitely holding on to this one!)

Funny side story here: Andrew had taken Jonas out for breakfast and got back home while we were playing this game, and one of the answers that sent us all into stitches was “menstruation.” At that exact point Andrew chimes in, “OK, well I’m going to head upstairs now…” HA. Everybody started laughing all over again!

We also had this Baby Charades game ready to go but like I said, we ran out of time. We were going to do it ultimate charades style though, those are super fun if you’re looking for ideas: round one, you go through all the words/phrases using words to have your team guess, then the second round you reuse the same strips but this time you can only act them out, and then third round, same strips, you are only allowed one word! Sylvia was also going to have people draw a baby blindfolded, whoever makes the best one wins ha ha.

I was really grateful to the wonderful women who came to celebrate with us, we’ve been lucky to be so warmly welcomed into our ward (church congregation) here and it’s wonderful to be making friends. (sadly the few shots of guests were blurry/out of focus — the disadvantage of handing over a more sophisticated camera! But I won’t forget everyone’s kindness!) They were so sweet to bring plenty of diapers and other gifts (buying diapers really adds up those first few months when babies are pooping nonstop!) and I was so touched. Also, the kids loved the tissue paper, ha!

Adelina and Amelia had a blast dressing up after everyone left…

We had such a fun time eating and playing that silly game and just chatting. It was really neat to be able to have my sisters there, they haven’t been able to attend baby showers for my previous two! Or my wedding, in Sylvia’s case. I’m really lucky they’re so much closer nowadays ❤ Merci les filles!

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  1. We were only a couple of weeks out from Christmas, so the garland on the stairs stayed (as did the outdoor lights and garland). I tried to take it into baby shower territory with the addition of ribbon and flowers, and the added sparkle was nice. I think I ll be doing the same thing when it comes time to decorate for the holidays next year!

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