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April 2019 General Conference Reading Challenge

I have a baby due right at the start of the school year where we live, so I’m feeling the crunch lately to get stuff done BEFORE, just in case this ends up being a harder baby than I’m hoping ha!

One of those fall things I always look forward to is General Conference. And the last few times, I’ve found it helpful to make myself a little checklist as I set myself the goal of reading all the talks before the next conference. I thought I’d share in case you’d like a copy too!


At this point, if you want to start next week (second week of August) and read every talk by the upcoming October General Conference (which will be October 5th & 6th), there are about eight weeks left. So you’d need to read about 3.8 talks a week (ha!). If you’ve already been studying them though, you can check off the ones you’ve already re-visited and use the bookmark to make sure you don’t miss any.


I just pulled the list of talks from last conference and made them into a checklist on a bookmark. Print onto cardstock (colored if you’re feeling fancy) and cut, then tuck into your copy of the Ensign conference edition. Bonus: there are four per page, so you can share the remaining three with your spouse, friends, family, or sisters you minister to 😉


I’m definitely a hard copy person. It’s convenient to have the talks on my phone in the Gospel Library app but I love having my copy to highlight and keep with my Work + Wonder Workbook. It’s nice to revisit my notes from first listening and other notes — or in some cases I made a note that I needed to revisit specific talks in depth, so it’s helpful to go through in this manner.

As a side note, a great conference talk study resource is the Work + Wonder blog, if you sign up for their email newsletter you’ll get an article per week with commentary as their writers study along with you. (PS: I got to write one of these a few weeks ago, check it out here!) Also, I’m super excited that the incredible Caitlin Connolly is the featured artist in the next edition!!! OK I really am not a paid spokesperson ha, I just love this company and wholeheartedly support their mission.

While we’re on the topic, I’ve shared ideas and resources for General Conference with young kids here. Anyway, there you have it, print your bookmark and go forth and study the talks in time for next conference!

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