Back to School Handout

Hey! Just wanted to share this little handout I made since I couldn’t find anything I wanted on Pinterest, and maybe it’ll be helpful to someone else as well. It’s perfect for mom friends, ministering sisters, or anybody else who might need a hand.


I realized the other day I’m constantly looking for a mechanical pencil — we have TONS of pens all over the house but pencils are a precious commodity!

I found these super cute ones at Hobby Lobby, and then I thought I’d share with the sisters I minister to since I’m about to have a baby and would like to at least make contact before I fall off the face of the planet for a few weeks (or months) soon… ha! It always helps to have a gift in hand when you show up on a stranger’s doorstep unannounced 😉

So here you go! Grab the printable here and print it onto cardstock, then fold:

First up on the horizontal lines,


Then fold the sides back and tape to make a cute little pencil/pen holder! Done.

I added some washi tape because why not. (also it helps hold everything together a bit if you wrap it all the way around) I left the bottom right blank for your own signature or note or whatever, I put my phone number on it so the sisters I minister to have it somewhere if anything comes up.


That’s it! Happy back to school!

(PS: add in one of these general conference reading challenge bookmarks if you want!)


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