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Utah Trip

We’ve loved being able to visit with so much of our family this summer — we’ve seen pretty much everybody by now! And I have to say for being so pregnant, I’ve been pretty adventurous, ha! This was definitely our last big trip before baby though, phew. I was definitely feeling it by the end!

I found out the Mormon Women Project ten-year anniversary was coming up in late July so we decided to plan a trip around it; I was able to move up our Shriners clubfoot appointment a little bit to the same week, and Andrew didn’t have to travel for work so we made a family vacation out of it!

My mom was also in town so we got to have some fun with her and my sisters. I also squeezed in TWO shoots, a professional portrait shoot for my mom (which turned out beautiful!) and a really awesome video collaboration with my dear friend Catherine from back in Kemmerer — she is a photographer herself (a seriously amazing and really experienced one at that) and wanted a promo for her business. (I’m excited to be able to share it, just waiting for her to roll it out!) So yeah, we had a busy week, ha!

First up was Shriners, and everything went well there.


Jonas’ feet are still doing great and it’s exciting to think we only have about a year and a half left of bracing if all continues to go well!


Then that night I headed up to gorgeous Sundance to shoot with my friend Catherine. The location was just gorgeous and it felt so good to get some greenery and cool mountain air in my system. How I miss those mountains!


She invited me to stay up for dinner after we wrapped things up and it was so good to catch up and spend some time together after working hard that afternoon.


The next morning we drove down to Provo to meet my mom and Amelia on campus for my mom’s shoot. The kids were very excited to see her as always! Campus is so gorgeous, no matter the time of year. I’m glad to be done with school but man, I miss that place sometimes! (I’m REALLY going to be missing Utah fall here in Las Vegas… snif snif…)

OK I’ll share one photo here because you have to see how beautifully this session turned out — and how pretty my mama is! 😉 See more over here!


And campus was just the best location. We went to lunch at the Creamery on 9th (where no one wanted to eat the greasy burgers ha, my mom and sisters are all pretty picky about their food and I actually wasn’t really feeling something heavy either — the kids loved it though!)


and then my sister Amelia introduced us to a little hidden gem in Springville, this little man-made lake and recreational area that was just what we needed. The water was FREEZING but being the overheated pregnant woman I am, I was undaunted and was the only one who made it all the way in, ha!


The kids had the time of their lives just playing in the sand and rocks, it was a really nice way to spend an afternoon.


(My sister’s phone camera is not half-bad! I may almost be convinced that there are other options than iPhones ha!)


After hanging around like beached whales for a bit (mostly speaking for myself here ha!) we cleaned up and headed to dinner at Spitz in Lehi (SO good if you haven’t been, there are a few in Utah and apparently LA, Portland and Minnesota too. Mediterranean street cart food, basically, and really yummy.)


I’m glad someone thought to get a picture of us with my mom!


I just have to share this proud moment too… Adelina wanted to order A SALAD. I kid you not, I gave her the options and she immediately chose a salad. And she ate a lot of it too, it was a full adult portion so I figured we’d be picking off of it but between her and some bites from Jonas she made a solid dent in that thing! I’m so grateful for our big girl, she is maturing so fast this summer. She is such a wonderful little helper and can be so considerate and responsible.

Oh and we got some sub zero ice cream after, the kids loved watching the nitrogen clouds.


Now the timeline gets a little fuzzy but the next day was a bit more relaxed, and I had the Mormon Women Project anniversary celebration Saturday evening, and Adelina had fun getting dressed up with Sylvia too ha!

Just look at that smile ❤ Finding something appropriate to wear for me was a challenge ha — I’m really at a point especially now where there’s very little that fits anymore! — but I think it turned out pretty good!

The event was just perfect. A beautiful evening backdrop, music, good food, and excellent company of course.


The program was composed of live interviews, excerpts/monologues compiled from past interviews performed by actors, singing, dancing, and even a poetry reading by the lovely Elizabeth Pinborough. (Oh, and a “grazing table” that was to die for — I even found some fresh figs which I’ve been CRAVING this pregnancy but haven’t been able to track down!)

It was really neat getting a chance to finally meet in person with some of these ladies that have also worked on the Mormon Women Project — it’s like we’ve sort of worked together but never really crossed over — and yet they feel like old friends thanks to the magic of social media!

The evening was just what I needed, and I’m so grateful to Neylan for creating such a beautiful community.

Then I came home to a lively game night and we had a blast playing Resistance and other games — with lots of very unhealthy snacks ha!


We stayed up sooo late talking after ha ha and then the next morning caught sacrament and drove down to St George to finish the weekend up with Andrew’s parents (it’s so nice being able to bookend longer trips with them!). And there you have it, a lovely, very full weekend up in Utah. I’m so grateful we have so much family nearby!

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