Father’s Day 2020

I’ve been guilty of phoning it in for my parents’ birthdays and special days the last few years — consumed by our own family life, to be honest. So I made an effort this year and put together this video for my father, with some help from my sisters. It was quite a trip down memory lane, and I was reminded of the importance of recording our stories and reviewing them often. “Count your blessings,” in our day and age, translates nicely to “look at your photos and videos more often.” Remember who you are.

Joyeuse fête des pères 2020 ! on Vimeo. Type “papa” in that box above to watch.

And also: here’s to the super dads of the world who are rocking sweet quarantine beards and juggling work from home + childcare like a boss. I don’t know what I would do without this guy!

There’s the stuff we say we care about, the things we say we’ll do, and then there are our actions. Andrew is the kind of man and father who actually does exactly what he says he’ll do. I heard the saying recently, “more is caught than is taught,” and that sums it up pretty well. Our kids are lucky to have this kind of influence in their life. Joyeuse fête des pères, je t’aime! 

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