Winding down before the move

There have been a lot of “lasts” around here lately. I stole Adelina away for a mother-daughter pedicure last week, because who knows when we’ll have the time next. And by the way, somebody finally lost her other front tooth! Love that grin ❤

Andrew and I finally managed to squeeze in a temple trip (we’ve had several fall through lately!) and it was really nice. Enjoy this very blurry nighttime picture, ha!

It’s going to be a while before we manage to make it next: our closest temple, technically, will be the Bern Switzerland temple (fun fact: first temple in Europe — and only one on the mainland for a good while — so that’s where my parents were married), but it will be easier to take the TGV (high-speed train) to Paris in about 2 1/2 hours. But that’s still a whole trip and will definitely require some planning!

SUPER excited to finally get to attend the Paris temple together though! It is just beautiful, but last time we were there one of us had to stay outside to watch the kids and Andrew was kind enough to let me attend our friends’ sealing. It made me sad. This was us there in 2017 — look how little Adelina and Jonas were… ❤ I love them so much!

Today was the older kids’ last day of school: next week is spring break, and they’ll be going to my in-laws’ home while Andrew and I wrap up planning and packing here. It’s crazy that they are “moving” in just a few days… I’m not ready! We prepared some bouquets and thank you cards (and Adelina gave her school BFF a friendship necklace).

It was definitely bittersweet, but they’re also excited for the move. This fortune cookie message was quite apt — it definitely gave us a good chuckle!

Gabriel “helped” me do some ceiling paint touch-ups by lending me his “space ship.”

I got my hair done one last time with my lovely hairstylist, considering it’ll be a while before I have an other opportunity…

Adelina had her last Girl Scout meet and the sweetest send-off. (They also got in one last activity learning archery!) Not posting the group picture for privacy reasons but just know those amazing girls have been such a blessing in our lives. She has been really lucky to get such a great troop, and we will miss them.

Tomorrow will be her last dance class, and the boys will have their last soccer game (which is also Jonas’s first… since he was still sick last week for their first one!) This photo is from last week — Jonas still dressed up to support his team from the sidelines, and Gabriel’s first game/practice was a nightmare, but I won’t dwell on that…

Anyway, this picture cracks me up because that’s what I get for asking my sons to give me a nice smile… HA!

UPDATE: I stand corrected. Andrew just told me all games are cancelled due to weather tomorrow. Whelp. So glad we signed them up for soccer… Sigh. Hindsight!

Anyway, then it’s on to packing madness and the real business of moving begins. I’m thrilled we will have movers — the first move we don’t have to do it all ourselves!! — but there’s still a lot of preparation to do.

Andrew and I will be flying out to Lyon just the two of us next week for a short trip, to try and get as much business handled as we can. We’ve been warned it’s unlikely we’ll be able to sign an apartment on this trip, but we’re hopeful we can at least get some things locked down.

I’m looking forward to getting to know my new city, and I won’t lie, it’ll be kind of nice to enjoy some alone time together too!

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