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Baby #3 Is A… (Gender Reveal)

Wait for it… OK did you watch the video? It’s a… … BOY!! We had planned to wait to find out until delivery and then… I got impatient 😂 Waiting is for the birds! ⁣ I was also a little nervous about springing the news on Adelina last minute — she’s been hoping for…… Continue reading Baby #3 Is A… (Gender Reveal)


How We’ve Been Handling Media Time Lately + Printable

We really live in a difficult age: children and teens are more plugged in than ever and it seems to be showing in how they focus in school, in their emotional well-being, in their real-life connectedness and pretty much every other measure out there. It is scary. And also, sometimes, some of it might be…… Continue reading How We’ve Been Handling Media Time Lately + Printable